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Why RC Consulting Services?

What good is education without application? Having the tools is only part of the equation. Without a structured framework and process even the best science can be reduced to “tips” and “tricks”.

Ralph Citarella Jr, B.C.E.

“Tips” and “Tricks” can only take us so far. Techniques build the individual service but services cannot be effective and profitable without being part of a Pest Management Program. Only by putting our knowledge and experience into a well defined and executed Pest Management Program can we become effective and profitable.

This is the logical leap that allows us to turn the corner and move from being “servicemen” to true Professionals.

RC Consulting specializes in the vertical integration of pest management services. From the individual service visit to the overarching Pest Management Program and your lifelong relationship with your customers, we will help you define yourself as a firm, separate yourself from your competition and manage your business by understanding what works in your service market and pursuing it.

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